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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I started a website...

So, after I went to my sorority's Founder's Day dinner with 5 pairs of earrings to auction off and left with 4 orders for earrings and a bracelet that I made I thought that I'd take a crack at this selling business. I first looked into an ebay store. Shot that down because an ebay store is like $50/month for a BASIC store, no way was I paying that. Then I found this website called To have a store is free, a big plus there, and to list an item it's only $0.20 and when the item sells you have to pay a 3.5% commission. Ok, I thought, not so bad but let me keep looking around. Then I found and Both are free to have/free to sell. I looked into all three and decided on using to start. I also signed up for the other 2 to save the name, just in case. So for right now I have 14 products listed (with a few more in my head that I need to make first before I can list them). I'm getting views on the stuff which is good, no sales yet though. We'll see what happens because it doesn't cost me anything to have the stuff out there for people to see.

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