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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life gets in the way...

When you have a full time job and a 'part time' job that's really more of a hobby the life that pays the bills often gets in the way. I've taken a hiatus from the blogging and handmade worlds recently because there just hasn't been enough time to devote to my 'part time' job.

Has anything really suffered? No, but it's disappointing to myself that I cannot devote the time that I really want to my jewelry business. I have done another sample box at the Spotted Box again that went out in August. I wanted to do June but due to a death in my sister-in-law's family things got a bit de-railed. I'll have some $10 gift certificates in next month's box. It's a special anniversary box, TSB's 2nd so that should be fun. I'd like to do another Spotted box in October, I'll have to get working on a Halloween theme.

I really need to update my artfire studio as well. I have several items to list and others waiting to have photos taken.

I've had a few sales during my break which have been really great. One was for a set of wine charms that was purchased off my artfire shop and that lead to 2 more sets for similar charms. I've also had a custom order from a good friend of mine (thanks Stacy) for a really beautiful necklace that we designed together. It started off as chain then went to beads and finished in a eagle charm. She's a high school teacher and the school colors are green and white and the mascot is an eagle. It came our very nicely. I may use that same premise for a line for my online shop. I've also had a few sales in the form of jewelry repair. Mostly re-stringing necklaces that have broken. That's fine and I don't mind doing that kind of thing so I'll probably only do it for friends and family.

The last thing that I have been up to has been presented to me last night. My sister-in-laws birthday is coming up in a few weeks and she wants me to make her something. She gave me some good ideas and showed me her current collection of jewelry so I can get an idea of what she likes. She'd like an anklet or a necklace. She doesn't read my blog but I'm thinking that I'm going to make her one of each. I really do like to do custom orders. It's so much fun to create something for someone that no one else has and they like to help me design the piece as well.

Anyway, my current project at work is wrapping up this week and I'll be headed back into the office again starting on Monday. I'm really quite excited about it. What it means for me is that I'll have a nice normal schedule again and my days will be somewhat predictable again.

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