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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Artist Association

So, last night I went to a meeting for a new artist association, the North Gwinnett Arts Association. They happened to find me on Twitter and I figured that I'd check them out and see what was up. I did what any sane person would do and google them, not much came up. I did find them on Facebook and became a fan.

Long story short, they are a brand spanking new artist guild/forum/group whatever. The meeting last night seemed really cool. They want to do lots of really cool stuff. I'm about 95% positive that I want to be a member (actually who am I kidding I WANT to be a member). Ponying up $40 annually isn't such a big deal. Especially if I can participate in craft fairs/show for free (included in the membership fee). They just have to get the web payments up and running (Naomi, if you are reading this the website is starting to look good!)

I met some cool people last night and handed out a few business cards (actually remembered them, rather proud of myself). One girl (can't remember your name, it's early we talked about the 5:30am thing, but I remember that you WERE the loudest in the room) was very interested in the fact that I make jewelry. She loves art but can't do it. I was wearing my snowflake obsidian necklace that I made. One of my favorites and I did find the beads locally. That bead shop is now closed but they do still have a website and sell out of the home. ( if you are interested)

If you are a artist (any medium) and live in the North Gwinnett/metro Atlanta area we'd love to have you. Just contact me for more info or you can click on the post title and it will bring you to the website and you can sign up for more info yourself.

Very exciting that I'll have a way to be promoted locally with little to no effort on my part.

Come back tomorrow for another featured artisan interview!

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