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Friday, February 5, 2010

Teaching myself something new....

Let me first apologize to all my readers. It's literally been forever and a day since I've posted but I've been so damn busy with life and my full time job lately.

Shortly after my last post, October 28th I found out that I passed my last architecture licensing exam which means that I am now a registered architect and can put R.A. after my name. Pretty cool when all is said and done. As for my full time job it doesn't really mean all that big of a change for the time being. But in the end, it's nice to be done with all that.

I also have some artisan interviews that I need to get to posting and I promise that I will get back on that soon.

For whatever reason I've wanted to teach myself how to knit for the longest time. Well, one day going through the craft section at Walmart I happened to see a teach yourself how to knit book. It was cheap (something in the $4 range) and came with a pair of knitting needles so I figured why not. I grabbed the book and a thing of yarn and made my way to the checkout line.

Back at home looking through the book I noticed that it has a section for those of us who are left-handed. Being left-handed I really appreciate this. I started trying to cast on with one needle. That's something that still eludes me for whatever reason, I just can't get the hang of it. When I tried the 2 needle method this went much smoother. I only know how to knit so far. I haven't tried my hand at purling yet but we'll see how that goes.

Long story short I'm now the owner of 2 sets of knitting needles and 2 partially finished scarves. I will take a picture of the scarf that I've decided to finish first and post it here this weekend.

I'm seeing a lot of scarf presents being given out by me in the future. I just got to work on making sure everything is even!

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