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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sea Salt Hair Spray - Cool DIY Recipe

So I know that this isn't really related to jewelry but this is my current kick that I'm on.  I recently went to one of my best friends weddings.  My son, who is currently 2, was her ring bearer.

The night before at the rehearsal I didn't have time to shower and get there because our flight was delayed and I didn't have a chance to wash my hair so my mom (former hair stylist) said that she had this sea salt spray that she just got.

We tried it and I liked it so much that I used it the entire week I was there.

Now the spray that you can buy, while convenient, can get expensive.  I'm all about saving money if and when I can so I looked on the internet for recipes for a DIY version because I knew that I had to have most of the stuff at home already.

I found this recipe that I'm really liking so far

I changed it slightly though.  I added about twice the salt and about 3 times the gel (about 5-6 pumps worth).  I also used a combination of sea salt and pink Himalayan salt.  I made it as is the first time and I felt that it didn't have quite enough hold for me.

I used Big Sexy Hair Blow dry gel that I had on hand.  I also noticed that the more salt in the water the less the coconut oil will congeal again.  If it does harden up again all you need to do is run the spray bottle under warm water to get it to liquefy again.

I'm still playing with it because I'm not totally happy with the mix just yet.  If I land on something that I like I'll post what I did with photos.

It also helps to "set" the style with some hairspray.  My hair falls out of whatever I do to it over the course of the day anyway so the spray helps it last a bit longer.

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