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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Make a Multi-Strand Seed bead Necklace with only one length of Thread

I always seem to struggle with bead tips. Whenever I try it never seems to work out. Wire can be used but I really like the flexibility of thread or Fireline. There are numerous tutorials out there but none of them really clicked with me so I decided to try something different and see if it worked and it did.

First a little background on this one. I have my cousin’s wedding coming up in early March. Technically I’m the matron of honor but since they are having a civil ceremony I’m a witness. And that lead me to need to buy a new dress. I found the fabulous long dress that’s kind of black on one side and kind of red on the other and the colors merge in the center of the dress. Well now I need some jewelry to go with it. The idea for this set that I made came to me when I was in a team meeting at work.

Here’s what you need
- beading needle of your choice
- Scissors
- 6 tubes of seed beads (I used 6/0 but you could use whatever size you want), pick whatever colors you want. I used foil lined red, a silvery metallic, matte red, matte black and metallic silver
- 2 bead cones, whatever style you choose, mine are plain silver
- 2 – 10mm round beads (you could use a different size or even bicones or round ovals)
- 2 – eye pins (mine are about 2.5”)
- Clasp of your choosing
- 2 jump rings
- Fireline (or beading thread of your choice) I used 6lb test crystal

Start with about 3 ½ yards of fireline. Thread your needle then, leaving about a 6-8” tail tie a surgeon’s knot around the loop on the eye pin.

Thread the 10mm round bead snugging it up against the eye pin.

Thread on the seed beads. You can mix the colors or have separate colors in each strand.

Once you have gotten about to the length that you want your necklace to be (you will be adding anywhere from 1” to 2” with the cones and clasp so keep that in mind) thread on the other 10mm round bead tight to the strand of seed beads. Tie it off with another surgeon’s knot through the eye in the other pin making sure that there’s no slack between the strand of beads, 10mm bead or the eye pin. The cones hide the yucky part of the eye pin with all of your threads and knots so you can be a bit messy.

Run your needle back through the round bead and all the way through it.

String on another length of seed beads at about the same length as before and back up through the other round bead. Tie another surgeons knot making sure that there’s no slack in your strand.

Repeat this until you have as many strands as you want.

To finish the thread tie off another surgeon’s knot on each end and trim your thread. You can also add a dab of glue to each end where all of the knots meet.

To add the clasp string one of the bead cones over the eye pin tight to the round bead.

You can add a small bead to this end or leave it plain like I did. Finish off the pin with a wrapped loop. Repeat for the other end of the piece.

Attach a jump ring on each of the wrapped loops you made and add your clasp and voila! You have your multi strand necklace!

Here’s some pictures of my finished necklace and bracelet for my cousin’s wedding.

You can also see this article on Artdaily on Artfire here:


  1. I stumbled upon your tutorial - cool idea about using only one thread. Many thanks for sharing. I will link in a future blog post!

  2. Yes! I've been searching fot a tutorial on
    just the right multi-strand necklace, and I
    like the boho feel of this one you have
    created. Thank you!

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  4. Your bracelet is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

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  5. Thanks so much for the clear photos as well! Very much appreciated. My favorite jewelry magazine has too many bad photos where the forefront is clear but the rest of the photo is blurry and you cannot see the chain, for example. So thanks again!

  6. great idea...thanks for sharing

  7. I like the idea of only one thread, so much simpler. Hopefully I won't tangle the thread. thanks

  8. Is there a way to see the first strand and then the second? Looks like I need visual help with this .I get lost on how this goes in and how eye pin works. What do you do with the rest of eye pin when done.? thanks

    1. I make a wrapped loop out of the rest of the eye pin that's sticking out of the cap. It's my end for the clasp.

  9. What do you do to make it stay twisted like? That's the only part I don't understand

    1. You have to manually twist it before you put it on.

  10. How do you make it stay twisted

    1. You have to manually twist it before you put it on.