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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I had my first sale in my Shop Handmade Store!

So, everyone remember the Bead Unique ad screw up? Well the editor that is my contact over there is doing everything that she can to make it up to me.

Currently I'm on the front page with my store being the 1 that they feature from time to time.

See it here

Well, I haven't really been all that pleased with my shop over there because I really do like artfire better but I'm keeping the store open for the exposure. I get this email a bit ago Notification of Payment Received. I look at my sold products on on AF site, not there.... Ok, so I check my SH site. Well look at that, I've sold 2 pairs of earrings. Woo Hoo! I go to paypal to double check to make sure that the payment is actually there, it is, good.

Maybe this BU mag screw up will be a good thing for me in the end.

Here's some pics of the earrings that I sold.

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