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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I won the Artfire Treasure Hunt!

So, most if not all of my fellow Artfire sellers know about the treasure hunt that Moonstone put together. For those who don't there the gist of it was that there was a list of 35 questions that needed to be answered. The answers could be found by browsing through the participating artisan studios, there were 18 participating studios. You filled out the form and submitted it. The winner got $50 to spend in any of the participating studios. It was free to participate.

I happened to get the highest score, I got a 34. Technically I didn't get a question wrong, I got partial credit on 2 questions. There were 14 participants, including myself. The scores ranged from a 28 to 33 not including my 34.

I really had a great time trying to find the answers for all of the questions. There were only 2 questions that I had a tough time with. I'm thinking about being a participating studio next time.

Here's the items that I bought from 3 extremely talented artisans.
From Pirate Pixie
From Catinalife
From Roseange

Artfire has been a really wonderful community to belong to. It doesn't matter if you are verified or not, we are all on an even playing field. The Admin are great and are always in the forums and around to answer all of our questions. They also practically live on twitter. I'm not quite sure if some of them sleep. I do know that the pres, John does have dinner with the wife and kids as often as he can. Good for you John!


  1. Awesome! I was one of the players and yeah a couple of those questions were like "huh?" I would like to be a participating studio next time, too. Who do I talk to?

  2. That is a real nice promotion. Congrats on the win...