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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As one year comes to a close...

Another one is just beginning. Sitting at work this morning at my desk with no real work to do (not that I'm complaining) I'm getting the chance to reflect on this past year. Much has happened this year.
There have been graduations, military commissionings, marriages, new homes, new furniture and many new ventures. With new ventures specifically I mean the fact that I have started to make (and sell) jewelry. I'm not totally sure how this happened but I'm enjoying my new hobby/business. I have a few websites, a blog and a new community of people to share my ideas with. I have not yet sold anything online but I have made several offline sales. I currently have 2 orders for custom pieces. I really do hope that the online portion of my business takes off. I'm quite hopeful about it.
The entire Art Fire community has been great. Through the forums there I can find all of the support that I need and then some. The other sellers on Art Fire are just supurb. There does not seem to be many bad apples in that bunch and I hope that it stays that way. 2008 has treated me well and I hope that 2009 does as well.

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  1. Keep up the great attitude Desiree and you will be very successful! Happy New Year and Happy Selling in 2009! - CT