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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I found the best way to make earring cards!

So I've been looking for a relatively inexpensive professional looking solution to display my earrings and package them so they don't fall to the bottom of the little zip top baggie that I put them in. I've been doing some reasearch on the subject and found the perfect thing. My earring zip top bags are 2" x3" so I needed something relatively small. A standard business card size is just a bit too big. I have some old place card sheets lying around from when I got married last year (we printed up our own cards) so I thought that they would be about the right size. Well I checked and they are the perfect size if I cut them in half. All I need to do is to fold the top part down a little under an inch or so and poke 2 holes in the card (a push pin works great) and insert the ear wires. Voila, the perfect earring card! These cards also work if you will be displaying them at a show. You can preprint whatever you want on them or leave them blank. Mine are blank for now but I'm going to work on printing up my store name and website on them. Total cost for 96 earrings cards? It's about $5 for a package of 48 cards. Cut each of those cards in half so you get the 96. That comes out to about $0.05 a card, it's only about $0.03 a card if you can get the pack at 50% off like I did.

Here's a few pictures to show you.

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