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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Had a really productive evening last night

As the title of the blog post states I did in fact have a truly productive evening last night. I was able to finish a few projects that have been around for longer than I care to remember.

My first project was to paint the plastic ceiling medallion for our dining room so it actually looks like a piece of wood and not the cheap piece of plastic it really was. Not so hard but glad that I got it done anyway.

We've bought a new chandelier for the dining room. My husband took the old POS builder grade one down like a month ago and was gonna hang the new one but decided that he'd rather not mess with it and call an electrician to put a new mounting box up there (the plastic one bothers him) and hang the thing because he doesn't want it to come crashing down on the brand new Stickley dining table that we've ordered. The table is rather expensive so I can't say that I blame him.

Personally I'd like the whole thing done because we're currently without lights in the dining room because the only light source there is from afore mentioned chandelier that's been taken down so there's just a hole in the ceiling with a few taped wires hanging out. At least he remembered to call the electrician this week.

I'm getting really sick of having to figure out what bottle of wine I want to drink with a flashlight after the sun has gone down. Of course the wine rack is in the DARKEST corner of the room....

Anyway, the next thing that I got done. I FINALLY finished the cork board that I've been working on for much much longer than I care to think about. When I first bought the board from Wine Enthusiast I started filling it up with all the corks that I've collected over the past 3-4 years. I started collecting them when we were still living in New Jersey and I bought the board about 8 months ago (told you it's been around for longer than I care to remember). So that's what? About 4 years worth of corks. Yea, I still didn't have enough, I was about 3-4 rows short. So as we drank bottles at home, at friends house's, out I'd collect the corks.

Now for the past 4-5 months the board has been mostly finished. I just needed to cut the corks for the spaces that couldn't fit a whole one. I FINALLY for around to that last night.

I wound up using a craft saw that I've had since I've been in college that I used to use for cutting bass wood for models in architecture school. It worked better than I imagine an x-acto knife would have for any other cutting implement would have. The only downside, cork dust. That's now done and I have to figure out where to hang the damn thing. I've got some ideas that I just need to convince the husband to go along with.

My last project of the evening was making myself a beading loom. It was a fairly simple process that I was able to do with an old cardboard box, duct tape (what can't you use it for?), some glue and toothpicks. Here's a few links where I got the info on how to do it. - I took the duct tape and toothpick part of it from this one. - I got the cardboard part from this one.

Instead of screws I used little eye loops for picture hanging. Works just as well IMO. I promise to take a picture and post it tonight or tomorrow.

I wanted a loom but the sizes that I saw in stores were too small (for bracelets only) or online were way too expensive. Total cost to me was almost nothing as the box was from something that was shipped to us and we'd recycle it anyway, duct tape that we've had around for a while and the toothpicks which were also bought a few years ago.

I started using it last night with the elastic thread that I found at Hobby Lobby on Monday night. Really super easy so far. Best part about the box is that I can keep my seed beads in it and if they fall out of the little baggie no big mess because they are contained in the box.

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