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Monday, October 12, 2009

Trying to find the right damned thread

So in my last post I was talking about trying to find the right kind of elastic thread for the headbands that I want to make. This is proving to be quite a task. Nothing that I've found as yet has been thin enough for the beads that I want to use. I've checked Walmart, Michaels, bead shops. I need to get my behind to Hobby Lobby because I think they have what I need.

And craft stores... Is it really so hard to have a SEWING section? And WTH did Walmart do with there's? It was there BEFORE they did the stinking re-model. I can't find a freaking thing in the store anymore.

In other news, I finished a pair of earrings for my friend Anne. I've sold a pair of them before and I own a pair. Here's the pair that I sold but they are pretty much the same.

They are simple but kinda fun at the same time. I've got these beads in a few colors (pink and blue. I need to make up a few more pairs and get them listed.

I've also got a few artist interviews that I need to post still. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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