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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Totally unrelated to jewelry but I'm pretty proud of myself

I just finished this today.

Should have been done a LONG time ago but I promised my friends, Ken & Stacy, that I'd draw them up a pavilion for there pool deck that they want to put in next year. I drew up the plan in CAD then imported into SketchUp (3D Modeling software) then built the model.

Fairly certain that it will actually stand up the way that I drew it. King Post trusses with a purlin roof system (so you get the overhangs without a huge truss). The pavilion is 16'x16' the spans are about 7' which the trusses should be able to carry. They are only holding the roof up. Seems a bit of overkill but not too sure.
Whaddya think?

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