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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interesting form of inspiration

So last night I went out with a few girlfriends to see the movie Julie and Julia. Really great movie by the way. It's really funny because we've been trying to get together to go see it for like a month at least. Most of you I'm sure have heard about it but the basic premise is that this girl, Julie Powell, decides to actually do something with her life and cook all of Julia Child's recipes from her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in a years time. She sets up a blog about it and posts frequently about it.

Well, I'm getting away from myself, let me get back on track. Watching this movie last night made me want to do 2 things. The first was to make that damn beef stew that she burns in the movie (I conveniently have a dutch oven that's brand new to use) and the second is to really get back to my blogging.

So here's the deal, I'm going to attempt to post to my blog 4-5 times a week on various crafting related topics and occasionally throw in some stuff about the rest of my life. Now I'm not doing this to get some kind of recognition I'm doing it to get myself back into good habits about keeping up with my jewelry business.

What could be easier than blogging? (please don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question)

So stay tuned fellow followers, strap in, hang on it's going to be a fun ride...

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