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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I learned on my summer vacation

Remember when you had this assignment during the first week of school right after summer vacation? Yea, me too. I got back from our little mini vacation on Hilton Head Island a few hours ago and this blog post started forming itself in my head when I was somewhere on I-16.

The trip took me about 4.5 hours so I had a lot of time to think being that I was on I-16 for about 100 some odd miles and I had a few highways to go before I made my way home.

Some of this applies to the business but most of this does not so enjoy anyway.

1. There are morons on the highway. No matter what highway, what state the highway is full of morons. Why people can properly merge with a right on ramp but not a left one amazes me. Why does everyone need to slow down to look at what's happening? Why does the one idiot on the highway always end up in front of me when I'm in the left lane going 80 and they decide that they own the highway so they will go 2 miles above the posted minimum speed limit (40mph in case you are wondering) And don't get me started on sympathy breakers, just because someone in the other lane is breaking does not mean that YOU have to break as well.

2. I never realized that elevators in South Carolina were under the office of Elevators and Amusement Rides. This oddly makes sense (free fall at six flags anyone?).

3. If I'm going to wear my bathing suit that has the gold rings on it I get some fairly interesting tan lines. Yes I now have a perfect circle of tanned skin on each hip bone.

4. If I'm going to hang out at the pool all day it would be a good idea to be in either full sun or full shade. My right side is more tanned than my left. It's a nice gradient right in the middle of my stomach.

5. Always, always, always bring my jewelry business cards with me wherever I go. At the entrance to the lighthouse in Harbor Town I was complimented on the bracelet that I was wearing and of course I had the cards but they were in my other purse conveniently in the hotel room all the way across the damn island.

6. No matter how fast you want to go it will take you FOREVER to go anywhere on the island. Mainly because the highest posted speed limit is 35mph. Also because anything worth going is no where near your hotel.

7. Cell phone reception is crappy at best on the island. Except for at the top of the afore mentioned lighthouse. Can someone please put a cell tower on the damn island? Is that really too much to ask?

8. If you spend a whole day at the pool and are eating and drinking at the pool your are not walking off the pool deck without spending at least $100. It's too easy to raise the flag on your lounge chair.

9. If your cover up is black remember the black flip flops, or at least the pink ones. The brown ones are ok but I look like an idiot when I where them together.

10. I like to shop. No matter what store I go into I'm going to find something that I want to buy. My husband is just going to have to get used to it.

11. Dive bars have the best food, period.

I think that's it for now. If I can remember anything else I'll post a follow up. Happy Reading!

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  1. You're too funny, and I totally agree with pretty much everything you just said! :)