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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Really Really Strange Monday....

So yesterday was an experience. Not sure how many of you have seen the news about what's happening in Atlanta but we've had some flooding issues. Long story short we got over 9" of rainfall overnight.

Getting to my job in midtown Atlanta was a bit tricky yesterday morning. I live about 35 miles from the office and I take I-85 to get here. There's the perimeter (I-285) that goes all around Atlanta. Well if you wanted to get from 85 or 285 or the other way around your were just plain S.O.L. because the ramps flooded. What this meant for me? It took me over 2 HOURS to get to work yesterday. Luckily we live at the top of a hill so our house is fine.

When I finally get to work yesterday I notice that my shoe is making a weird noise and I'm also wobbling. My heel of my shoes broke. Just wonderful, on the bright side I had a pair of flip flops in the car that haven't made there way back into the house since Labor Day and we have a shoe guy in the building so Doc is my savior. $11 to fix the busted heel and put new tips on the spikes. Not bad IMO.

Today is working out to be a lot better so far. Driving to work was normal today. The sun actually came out (I almost forgot what it looked like). And the crowning glory, I sold something on Artfire today. Just a pair of earrings but a cute pair none the less. Here's a pic in case your are wondering what the earrings look like:

Simple little pretty Swarovski dangles, black diamond with round silver spacer beads and a surgical steel earwire.

Now I just get to drive home, buy beer, and start to pack for my trip to Hilton Head for a long weekend.

Please don't rain while we're there!

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